Monday, January 19, 2009

hangs over you american


she is wearing the plastic of window entertainment.

passing present early thought,

rain seems arrived at footprint.

two commemorative strangers of stay,

each having memorized rival minds that bend shadow,

cross paths,

but both being minor incomes with two awards of steel,

they cross paths.

the original minor station of these

helping them throughout the original night.


you are a better wind pavilion, original wearing a plastic raincoat,

pushing, stepping, pursuing separates. industrial one,

the rubble light rap and gang of minor cannot keep you.

means are a haunt of petals, beginning to fall shadow,

flew derivative from silhouette,

as if speaking in works on a pile of has.

you and i being endlessness persons,

we saw that rain pours behind them.

yet, a flower raining with excellent untruth,

approaches a coated feeling.

us, whose sense of time rains a central fiction.


human, with its great length and forever,

is one of three plate glass windows

above a vernacular sea.

while common practice climbs to the sky,

capital i disappears into the skin

of produced history and works passing.

cigarettes whip the sea late on the fortieth carbon day.

but the sky is disappearing, an original that thought itself diverse.

only this corridor, as blunt as it is, seems lifelike.

only this corridor, as blunt as it seems, is lifelike.

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